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Home » » Top 10 superpowers countries in the world - 9th number is France

Top 10 superpowers countries in the world - 9th number is France

9. France

France is at 9th position in our list of Top 10 superpowers of the world. It is the largest country in European Union and was second largest empire after United kingdom in 18thand 19th century. France is a nuclear armed country, founding member of United Nation and permanent member of UN Security Council. France is a developed country, fourth largest economy by nominal GDP and seventh largest by purchasing power parity.

France Strength on our Criteria

1. Military:

France armed forces consist of French Army, French Air Force and French Navy. President of France is the supreme commander of all the three forces. He or she also has the sole authority to press the nuclear button as France is one of the seven accepted Nuclear powers in the world. France is a member of both European Union and NATO and its armed forces are largest in European Union and third largest in NATO in terms of manpower. France also have third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons after United states and Russia.
France Military
France Military

France Army:

French army is land based and biggest component of French Armed forces. Along with Navy and Air Forces it comes directly under the French government. Its is active from 15th century and have experience of multiple wars like Hundred year war, First World War, Second World War, Kosovo war, Afghanistan war etc. Total size of French Army is 144,486 which include both civilian and military personnel.
French navy
French navy

French Navy:

Officially known as Marine nationale and more popularly called La Royale, French Navy is one of the oldest Navy in the world. It was formed in early seventeenth century and played a big part in establishing the French colonial empire. It is among the few blue water navy in the world and operates a wide range of fighting vessels including a nuclear powered aircraft carrier, nuclear-powered submarines, frigates, patrol boats and support ships. In terms of size, French Navy is 44,000 strong including civilians and militay personnel. It has more that 77 ships and 208 aircrafts.
French Airforce
French Airforce

French Airforce:

The French Air Force known as Armée de l'Air which which means 'Army of the Air'. It was formed in 1909 as the Service Aéronautique, a service arm of the French Army, then was made an independent military arm in 1933. It is the forth largest air force in NATO and and the second largest in the EU after the Royal Air Force. Size of French air force is 58,900 including military and civilian personnel. There are more that 680 air crafts most which are fourth generation aircrafts. Apart from France, its has several bases in the world which includes Dakar Ouakam -Africa, Reunion Island, Djibouti - Africa, French Polynesia, French Guiana - South America, Abu Dhabi etc.

France military strength score: 6.5 / 10

France strong economy
France strong economy

France Economy

France is the world's fifth largest economy by nominal figures and the ninth largest economy by PPP figures.It is the second largest economy in Europe behind Germany. In 2010, Credit Suisse's Global Wealth Report ranks France the wealthiest European with 2.6 millions of Dollar millionaires in aggregate household wealth. According to the IMF, in 2010, France is the world's 18th country by GDP per capita with $40,591 per inhabitant.

World Superpower Countries list

1. United States Of America

2. China

3. Russia

4. Japan

5. Germany

6. United Kingdom

7. India

8. South Africa

9. France

10. Brazil

With 39 of the 500 biggest companies of the world in 2010, France ranks 4th in the Fortune Global 500, behind the USA, Japan and China. Paris is the second most important localization for the world's 500 biggest companies' headquarters. There are more Fortune Global 500's headquarters in Paris than in Beijing, New York, London or Munich. AXA is one of the world's largest insurance company; Air France is the world's largest airline company in incomes;L'Oreal is the world's biggest cosmetic company; LVMH and PPR are the world's 1st and 2nd largest luxury companies; GDF-Suez is the world's largest energy company; EDF is the world's largest utility company; Areva is the world's nuclear-energy leader; Veolia Environment is the world's largest environmental services and water management company.

In 2008, France was the second-largest recipient of foreign direct investment among OECD countries at $117.9 billion, above the United Kingdom ($96.9 billion), Germany ($24.9 billion), or Japan ($24.4 billion).[16][17] In the same year, French companies invested $220 billion outside of France, ranking France as the second most important outward direct investor in the OECD, behind the United States ($311.8 billion), and ahead of the United Kingdom ($111.4 billion), Japan ($128 billion) and Germany ($156.5 billion).

France economic strength score: 7/10

France natural resources
France natural resources

3. France natural and human resorce

Natural Resources
France alone represent 20% of the EU's agricultural production and the world's third biggest exporter of agricultural products. Large tracts of fertile land, the application of modern technology, and EU subsidies have combined to make France the leading agricultural producer and exporter in Europe. Wheat, poultry, dairy, beef, and pork, as well as an internationally recognized processed foods are the primary French agricultural exports. Agriculture is thus an important sector of France's economy : 3.5% of the active population is employed in agriculture.

France Human Resource:
With an estimated population of 65.8 million people France is the 20th most populous country in the world. According to OCED, productivity per hour worked in France is the highest of the G8 countries in 2005. rance has one of the lowest 15–64 years employment rates of the OECD countries: in 2004, only 69% of the French population aged 15–64 years were in employment, compared to 80% in Japan, 79% in the UK, 77% in the US, and 71% in Germany.

France Natural and Human Resource strength score: 7/10

G8 2011 held in France
G8 2011 held in France

4. France Geopolitical Strength

France is a member of the United Nations and one of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council with veto rights. It is also a member of the G8, World Trade Organization, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Indian Ocean Commission (COI). Since the 1960s, France has developed close ties with reunified Germany to become the most influential driving force of the EU. Since 1904, France has maintained an "Entente cordiale" with the United Kingdom, and there has been a strengthening of links between the countries, especially on a military level. France was also the founding member of European Union.
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