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Home » » Top 5 Reachest person of the nepal in 2013

Top 5 Reachest person of the nepal in 2013

1. Upendra Mahato: After getting  his PhD. from Russia in 1990 , he has expanded his business of electronics, oil, real estate, banking and heavy machinery. Currently, he  has employed more than 12,000 people , including 50  Nepalese. He started his business career as an electronic trader, his television factory in Voronezh, 400 km south of Moscow, is  making one million sets annually. He has an outlet to sell TV parts in  a business Mall in Gorbushka which  has more than  80,000 customers per day. His latest project  is constructing a  26 storey building, investing  $50 million,  apartment block in a prime residential area in Moscow.

He is popular among people because of his interest  in  social work , he has built  oldage home at Devghat, Kriyaputri Bhawan (a death funeral house) at  Pashupatinath Temple kathmandu and a hospital in karjanha in the name of his mother Fulkumari Mahato . He is former president of NRN and also been member of many Nepali social clubs.

Shesh Ghale NRNA President
2. Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung: Shesh Ghale is  a Nepalese Businessman in  Melbourne, Australia.He has been listed as the 180th richest man in Australia(together with Jamuna Gurung his wife)  by BRW News Australia. This is the third time Ghale has been listed in the Australian BRW’s 200 wealthiest Australian. Ghale and Gurung who worth AUD $ 255 Million last year has increased their wealth and fortune in 2013 to AUD $265 Million (combined with Jamuna Gurung)gaining the place of 180th Richest Australian published by BRW Magazine( Mr Ghale from Lamjung District in Western Nepal, is the CEO of MIT(Melbourne Institute of Technology) University, whereas Mises Jamuna Gurung is Managing director of the Melbourne Institute of Technology and  Co-owner of several commercial properties.
They established MIT University at Melbourne in the year 1996 after they  arrived from Nepal.Since then MIT Uni offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses mainly in IT and Accounting has grown up to 3,000 students at Melbourne Uni and Sydney Branch Uni.

3. Aditya Jha: Aditya Jha was born in a milldle class family with 3 bothers and 2 sisters in southern Nepal.His father was a lawer. He took his primary education at his village and went to Delhi for his higher education. Aditya got his Bachelors Degree in Science, MSc in mathematics and PG Diploma in Computer Science from Hans Raj College Delhi university and Kuruksetra University respectively.He was very active student and worked as student leader while in college.
He started his work experience in India then moved to Singapore, Australia then to Europe.Finally he arrived Canada where he worked at Bell Canada as a General Manager.After few years experience he started his own Software company Isopia Inc.After the success of Isopia, he started Osellus(software company)
and Karma Confectionery.
He has founded the POA Educational Foundation for charitable works in Canada providing scholarship to those underprivileged people.He has started another ambitious One Child One Laptop Project In Nepal.He has several small projects in India to support HIV infected people.He has been working in many different
social organizations in Nepal, India and Canada.

4. Balram Chainrai: Balram Chainrai is a Hong Kong based businessman. He mainly has business of  electronics and real state. Chainrai once owned English Championship club Portsmouth Football Club.He was born in Okhaldhunga district in eastern Nepal and migrated with his family to Hong Kong with his British Army father. Chainrai has an Indian wife and 3 children, he is also a leading member of the South Asian society in Hong Kong and can speak Nepalese, Hindi and Cantonese.His wife is working as a Judge in  District Court  in Hong Kong.

Image Courtesy
5. Binod Chaudhary: Although not the executive director of the company, he is considered a very shrewd businessman and has been interviewed by forbes magazine as well. Chaudhary group has 36 organisations in Nepal and 6 international making total of 42 organisations. Chaudhary Group forms an intrinsic part of every realm of life from Food & Beverage, Electronics & Home Appliances, Beer, Cigarette, Financial Services, Infrastructure (Power & Water), Hotels & Real Estate, Automobile, Health Care and Education.
 This Year , Mr Binod Chaudhari has been the first ever Nepalese billionaire with worth 1 billion USD and listed on Forb's billionaires list securing  world's1342nd richest list. His Biography published recently  has been the best seller although critics said the book  portrays  his positive parts only.There is a blog on him but no one knows about the authority of this blog.
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